veneer slicer, surface planer, super surfacer, knife grinder, veneer dryer

   Thin slicing

Specification Work width x Height : 250 (75º) x 240mm
Feed motor : 11 Kw
Feed speed : 65 m/min.
Knife length : 1200mm
Net Weight : 5,720 Kgs
Color touch panel switch
Feature Even in slicing a veneer with minimum thickness of 0.2 ~ 0.3mm, realizes the smooth surface without irregular slicing.
Variable knife bias angle (75º~85º) allows the best veneer slicing according to the material.

SL-350V / SL-350VII
Specification Work width x Height : 350 (75º) x 240mm 
420 (75º) x 240mm (SL-350VII)
Feed motor : 15Kw
Feed speed : 60m/min. (75m/min on request)
Knife length : 1,500mm , 1,720mm(SL-350VII)
Net Weight : 10,730Kgs
Feature A heavy duty machine with powerful motor for slicing
big and wide flitches.

Specification Work width x Height : 500 x 250mm
Feed motor : 22Kw x 1, 3.7Kw x 2
Feed speed : 60m/min.
Knife length : 2,000mm

Net weight : 19,000Kgs
Feature The biggest slicer in our programm.
Even slicing the widest flitch of 500mm, veneers with the mimimum thickness tolerance can be obtained, thanks to the heavy, rigid & stable body construction.

Send your workpiece to us ! We are pleased to slice it for you.

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