veneer slicer, surface planer, super surfacer, knife grinder, veneer dryer


Semi-Automatic Full Automatic For Throw-away Knives
GLE-503L GLT-70W
GLE-503L GX-50S GLT-70W
GH-70Ml GX-70L
GH-50mL GX-70S
GH-70Ml GX-100L
GH-70mL GX-100S
 GS-80L ML-80G /

GS-150 /
GS-200 /
GS-150AM / GS-200AM

Marunakia`s grinders are developed mainly for grinding knives of woodworking machines, but a lot of our grinders are being used for grinding knives for paper, resin, plastic, food machinery, etc. We are pleased to do test grinding of your knives.

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